Restaurant in Vasto

Long maritime tradition, competence and passion are the basic principles behind Nudo&Crudo's project at Vasto which, with its restaurant, proposes a new concept of catering.

Seasonal products, fresh raw materials, craftsmanship and simple preparation transform the restaurant's dishes into a flavour that makes you feel at home. In fact, to meet the needs of customers, they will enjoy a healthy break in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Every day of the week in the kitchen we dedicate ourselves to the preparation of the menu that offers dishes such as:

  • Starters;
  • Sandwiches;
  • Baked roast;
  • Nudo&Crudo Soup;
  • Frying.

The table service is also always available for customers.

Recognize and exalt the lightness and personality of a food that requires knowledge, favouring the so-called "poor" or less known fishes (rich in healthy elements). By always choosing the daily catch of our sea, promoting a quality product concept, accessible to everyone, at the right km. This is the challenge for Nudo&Crudo. For us, freshness comes first; that's why we keep to what the sea offers in every season when we prepare our dishes.

The Nudo&Crudo cuisine, expertly prepared by our staff and exclusively based on fish, is mainly based on local catch to guarantee freshness and quality. First courses, roasts, steam, frying, made with fresh and local ingredients for a result with a unique flavor that will satisfy your palate. A simple kitchen that hides the art of traditional preparation with a touch of innovation, making it the Nudo&Crudo Kitchen!


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